Who We Are:

Formerly known as Crowley Distributors of Florida Books, we changed our name to Sunburst Books as we expanded our coverage from not only Florida but to the entire Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. We are a family-owned business that has been providing superior selection and superior service since 1992. Sunburst Books is a wholesale book distributor of the best of the best nature/nautical titles perfect for coastal-themed gift shops.

What We Offer:

Profits! As wholesale distributors, we can provide our products to you at a full 40-50% discount off the retail price. Our books are proven sellers, and offer you a great opportunity to generate income. We have success with a wide variety of retail outlets including: book stores, marinas, gift shops, resorts, nature centers, bait and tackle shops, museums, airports, dive shops, zoos, etc. You may be surprised what our book and gift sales can do for you! We specialize in determining what selection works best to maximize sales in your store.

What we do for you:

Personalized Service

We call on accounts regularly (as often as needed), determine what books you need or wish to carry, and ship your order from our warehouse. Or, you can call in, fax or e-mail an order ahead of time and we’ll be happy to ship it, as necessary. We try to be as flexible as possible to best serve our customers. We can even supply you with racks for the books at a low cost and some are free with paid shipping.

Low Minimum Orders

If you ordered books direct from the publisher, there is usually a substantial minimum order required. With Sunburst Books, your minimum order is only $100.00 We stock extra inventory so you don’t have to.

Convenient Payment Terms

We bill you upon delivery, and payment is on a 30 days net basis.

New Books Previewed

As new books become available, we’ll inform you and show you samples. We’ll work together to determine if a new title suits your particular need or market. Please ask about special orders. Almost always we can order books that we don’t ordinarily carry, so you can have different inventory than your competition.

The Bottom Line:

We know from experience that books can and do sell just about anywhere! If you’d like to give our books a try, we’d be happy to supply them. We specialize in a personal, hands-on approach that is rare these days, and we think you’d appreciate that extra touch of service. But most importantly for your business, you’ll see that what we tell you is true: books sell and that spells profits for you!